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Because it was there...

When a journalist once asked George Mallory why he climbed Mount Everest, Mallory simply responded Because it was there.

What a line!

Ever since I heard that line, I've been wanting to use it. So I'm gonna try and weave some connection between Edmund climbing the highest mountain on earth way back when and me climbing a couple of big hills on the flatest continent on the planet.

Back in 2007, I somehow found myself on a holiday in Borneo (cool country, you should go). It seems every mountain on earth boasts some sort of little piece of trivia which sets it apart from every other mountain around and therefore worthy of climbing. Mount Kina Balu in Borneo is the highest mountain between it and the Himalayas. That's as good as any boast I've ever heard. Anyways being in Borneo, I figure why not, I'll climb a mountain.

Boy, at 4095 metres this little ant hill turned out to be quite a mountain. When I finally got to the top, I was blown away. There was nothing higher around for thousands of kilometres. A passion for climbing mountains was born).

So I came back to Australia and decided to set myself a challenge. I would climb the 10 highest mountains in Australia. Fortunately, all 10 peaks are located conveniently in the Snowy Mountains and are all within about 30km of one another. Over a long weekend, I polished off the Aussie10

But now what? At 2228 metres, the highest of the 12 is only half the height of Kina Balu. There are no more high points around...or are there?

And so bagging the highest peak in State and Territory seems to be the next best option. During 2007 I managed four out of eight, and honestly getting to the top of each was awesome.

Instead of just climbing and having my little adventures lost in the memory of time, I figured I'd document my climbs along the way, in case someone else one day decides they too want to climb the highest peak in each State on the flatest continent in the world. Honestly, you wouldn't believe how many times I have had to justify this goal to my friends.

Anyways, that's me. Hope you enjoy the site and I hope to see you atop a mountain one day.